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A guide to our surface treatments and finishes

We use a variety of products, applied with professional precision with impressive results

Whether old or new equipment, we protect it from damage caused by heat generation, erosion, galling of surfaces and inadequate lubrication.

Prevention is better than cure, and that’s why we encourage our clients to treat their equipment before any signs of corrosion appear. Applying surface treatments before the corrosion process begins will significantly increase the durability of your equipment.

We can also increase performance, reliability and efficiency by reducing maintenance and downtime with our low-friction coatings that provide long-lasting lubrication.

The specialist coatings we use include:

low-friction coatings for internal components


Molykote is a range of low-friction coatings used as a high-performance treatment for lubricated parts. It can be tailored according to load, environment, temperature and speed.

abrasion resistant, low-friction coatings


Everslik is a family of corrosion-resistant coatings that also offers lubrication to metal surfaces, especially finished, low alloy, steel parts. They are also an excellent barrier to harsh chemicals and solvents. In preparation for Everslik coatings, Nexus offers a pre-cleaning, degreasing and blast cleaning service.

high performance low-friction coatings


Xylan is a low-friction and corrosion resistant dry-film lubricant that works under extreme pressures at high temperatures.

We can advise on complex jobs that require unusual materials or a specialist approach. Our team has a wealth of experience we’re only too happy to share with you.

You can rely on Nexus: more than 99.9% of the work we carry out is delivered right first time.

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Having used Nexus now for the past eight years, they have become our first choice coating vendor, not only delivering quality coating every time but meeting sometimes extremely tight deadlines due to operational requirements.

We have also worked closely with the Nexus team to allow them to develop processes and procedures to suit some of our more demanding equipment.

I couldn’t recommend Nexus highly enough for delivering a quality product and quality service.

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Kris Wright

Senior workshop/operations coordinator, Expro

If precision and performance are important to you, it’s time to talk.

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