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Weather resistant and salt water resistant, Xylan is the perfect anti-corrosion coating for subsea machinery in the oil and gas and marine industries. The product offers long-term protection and can be used on a variety of surfaces, including metals, low alloy and stainless steel.

The product is available in over 300 grades, so you can rest assured that the perfect coating blend exists for your needs. Xylan uses additives such as PTFE and MSo3, which enhances the performance of the coated material, to a very specific purpose.

At Nexus, our experienced team follows a very rigorous coating application process. We can advise you on the most effective way to apply Xylan to your surfaces to improve the longevity of your valuable equipment. The first thing that we do with every material is apply a pre-treatment to the surface. This can involve sandblasting, degreasing, phosphating or other types of surface pre-treatment.

After the pre-treatment has dried, we then apply the most appropriate coating for the surface.

At Nexus, many of our employees are NORSOK and NACE approved and the company is accredited by ISO 9001-2008.

We work with clients over a range of different industries and if your business operates in the subsea or marine marketplace, then Xylan could be the perfect surface coating to enhance the lifespan of your equipment. At Nexus, we offer flexible solutions in a safe and trusted environment.

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