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Molykote is used on a variety of different materials to help control friction and wear. Through time, the performance of your equipment will deplete if not cared for properly using anti-corrosion, anti-friction coatings. Molykote ultimately saves energy, reduces maintenance, makes your equipment safer and more reliable and improves your company’s productivity.

When it comes to applying Molykote, one size doesn’t fit all. At Nexus Surface Treatments, we practice a variety of application methods, including spraying, dipping and brushing, depending on the surface material. We work with a variety of companies over a range of different industries, advising on the best use of Molykote for specific jobs to ensure the right application method is used at all times.

Molykote anti-friction coatings are manufactured using a combination of carefully-selected resins and solvents and contain solid lubricant particles. When applied to a metal or plastic surface, the coating bonds to the material, providing a dry and clean lubricating film. This enables the surface to withstand friction, even when placed under extreme pressure.

In order for Molykote to work effectively, a proper coating process needs to be followed. At Nexus, our experienced team can advise on the most effective way for the product to be applied to your surfaces. The first thing that we do is apply a pre-treatment coating to the surface. Depending on the material, the process can involve blasting and phosphating.

Once the pre-treatment has dried, we then carefully apply the anti-friction coating.

At Nexus, many of our employees are NORSOK and NACE approved. We have already achieved ISO 9001-2008 accreditation and company is working toward ISO 9001-2015 accreditation.

If you need a dry-film lubricant that provides superior lubrication and can handle extreme working environments, then Molykote could be the surface coating that will protect your equipment. At Nexus, we can advise you on the most effective coating and the best application process.

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