Everslik Coatings: Corrosion-Resistant Surface Coatings

Everslik is a corrosion-resistant coating that also offers lubrication to metal surfaces, namely low alloy or stainless steel. The product is applied as a two-part process of a thermosetting, corrosion resistant base coat, followed by a resin bonded, solid film lubricant topcoat.

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Everslik is manufactured by a company called Everlube that specialises in solid film lubrication. Compared to conventional liquid-based lubricants, Everslik significantly improves the performance of machinery and component parts and can improve the lifespan of your equipment.

The coating offers great flexibility and can be used in various environments. Because it’s a dry lubricant it blends well with other materials to produce enhanced coatings for different types of applications. The product offers low-friction protection against corrosion, a high load carrying capacity and can be used in extreme temperatures ranging from -70°C to +450°C.

At Nexus, we commonly use two Everslik products: the 1201 and 1301 coating systems. Both have a salt spray resistance of 2,500h and offer corrosion resistance in extreme abrasive and chemical environments.

Everslik 1201

This product uses a solvent-based epoxy system, meaning that the coating repels water, oil and other fluids that you’d typically find in heavy industry. The 1201 offers fantastic durability and protection against chemical corrosion. It’s also flexible and can be used as a primer to sold film lubricants like the Everslik 1301. It’s available in black and red, is applied through conventional spraying methods and can have a dry film thickness of as per customer specifications.

Everslik 1301

Everslik 1301 is a specially bonded solid film lubricant that’s used specifically for heavy duty industries. Like the 1201, this product offers great lubrication and resistance against corrosion, which helps prevent galling and seizing of machinery. It’s typically used on threaded components like valves, pumps, actuator stems, clamps and stab plates. It can be applied using a conventional spraying method, which would give a single coat to customer specifications.

In preparation for Everslik coatings, Nexus offers a pre-cleaning, degreasing and blast cleaning service. We then follow a thorough coating application process to ensure the long-term protection of your equipment.

Many of our employees are NORSOK and NACE approved and the company is accredited by ISO 9001-2008.

We work with clients over several industries and if your business uses low alloy, carbon or stainless steel components, then Everslik could be the perfect surface coating to protect your equipment. At Nexus, we pride ourselves on offering the highest standards of customer service, so if you have any questions or would like more information about our process, please contact us at:

+44 (0)1569 765211, or email us at sales@nexusst.co.uk

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