Zinc Phosphate Coatings and Surface Treatments

Zinc Phosphate coatings are typically used on steel components to prevent corrosion and improve lubrication. They can also be used as a foundation for other coatings or painting.

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At Nexus, we use zinc phosphate coatings as a pre-treatment to coating or painting. Zinc phosphate increases the amount of protection your components have against corrosion and it reduces the amount of friction that occurs between sliding metals. We also use phosphate as a way adding anti-galling and rust inhibiting measures to threaded components.

Phosphating occurs when the zinc solution comes into contact with metal, causing a pickling reaction. The principal benefit of phosphating is that it provides a strong adhesion, meaning it offers reliable protection against corrosion and rust. Although zinc phosphating is normally applied to steel components, at Nexus, we can also apply the process to aluminium parts.

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