Shot Blasting Services for Surface Pre-Treatment and Cleaning

Shot blasting is a specialist surface treatment method used to clean and strengthen metal materials and prepare surfaces for coating. It’s used in a wide range of industries including oil and gas, construction, and marine.

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The process offers protection to metal surfaces and can act as pre-preparation for a variety of anti-corrosion and anti-friction coatings. It’s one of the most effective and value for money surface preparation techniques on the market and is an ideal pre-treatment for operations like welding, enamelling, galvanising, electroplating and rubberising.

It’s also one of the most environmentally friendly cleaning options as it doesn’t use any harsh chemicals. Once a surface has been blasted, the area will be completely free from dust, scales and chemical deposits. The process doesn’t damage or remove any virgin metal from the surface.

Phosphating strengthens the bond between the surface and any protective coating, whether it be paint, epoxy or dry-film lubricants. It improves the durability of the surface and increases its lifespan. It can also help detect any abrasions or faults in the surface.

We are able to blast a variety of surfaces, including, low alloy, steel and aluminium. We use a variety of shot materials that provide different surface conditions, dependant on your requirements.

At Nexus, we adopt a flexible approach and can use a variety of different media to create the desired surface finish. Whether you need a polished finish using small steel shots, or a rougher surface using steel grit, we can accommodate you.

We consider several factors when choosing blast media, including the mass of the particle, the speed at which it’s blasted, the angle of blasting and the overall coverage of the shots.

From our facilities in Stonehaven, we’re well-placed to provide a cost-effective blasting service to our customers. We work with clients in a range of industries including oil and gas, construction and marine.

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